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Metering and Dosing Pump

Our metering pumps come with innovative design, quality workmanship and reliability. We make highly precise Reciprocating pumps which are tested to confirm international standards of API-675

These Pumps are available in two different designs viz., Plunger type and Diaphragm type. The Metering Pumps are being supplied to handle all sorts of liquids. They are designed to deliver liquid against pressure up to 400 Kg/Cm2 gauge. Capacity wise, we are in a position to supply the Metering Pumps to deliver liquid at the rate ranging from 2 Lit. /hr. to 10,000 Lit/hr.

Plunger Type Pump (“VP” Series)
Plunger pumps are positive displacement pumps that" displace" a given amount of fluid on each cycle stroke of operation.The reciprocating motion of a plunger, with a ball check valves on each side of the pump body, creates the pumping action.

Pumps can be offered in simplex, duplex or multiple heads for handling different chemicals with common motor. Each head has independent connection and the capacity of head can also be independently adjustable. They can be single acting or double acting.          
Diaphragm Type Pump (“VS” / “VD” Series)
The diaphragm pump has been developed for handling of highly expensive or highly toxic Liquids. This Pump is in two sections separated by a diaphragm. In one section a piston or plunger operates in a cylinder in which a non-corrosive fluid is displaced. The movement of the fluid is transmitted by means of flexible diaphragm to the liquid to be pumped. The only moving parts of the pump that are in contact with the liquid are the valves, and these can be specially designed to handle the material. In some cases the movement of the diaphragm is produced by direct mechanical action, or the diaphragm may be air actuated.

We offer Single diaphragm pump (“VS” Series) as well as Double diaphragm pump (“VD” Series) with Rapture Alarm systems for handling of special fluids.
  • Positive return WELCRANK mechanism
  • Linear relationship between control setting and stroke length
  • Capacity is adjustable precisely from zero to maximum while the pump is stationary or in operation.
  • Metering accuracy of + 1 % of pump output-at-any single setting from 10% to 100% of capacity.
  • Multiplexing Facility allows to coupled of several pump, driven by one common motor, flow of each pump can be independently set or stopped as required.
  • Drive side mechanism (power end) totally enclosed and running in oil bath with automatic lubrication & provided with transparent automatic constant level oiler.
  • Jacketed pump for heating / cooling arrangement.
All wetted parts, depending on the nature of the metered fluid, can be manufactured from cast steel, SS 304, SS 316, ALLOY-20, Hastelloy ‘B’ or ‘C’ Polypropylene, UHMWP 25% glass filled Teflon, Teflon, etc.


  • Chemical Effluent / Water
  • Treatment
  • Sewage Treatment
  • Power Plant
  • Pharmaceutical Plant
  • Oil Plant
  • Petro-Chemical
  • Pulp & Paper
  • Food & Beverages
  • Sugar Industries
  • Metal & Steel Plant
  • Paint
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