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Water Cooled Compr. - VAR/VWR Series

“VINDI” make Water Cooled blowers are similar to air cooled type in construction and performance except in the change of cooling arrangement. In water cooled blowers the main casing & side plates have water jackets around them, where water is circulated, which dissipates the heat generated and keeps the internals cool.
Twin Lobe Low Pressure Compressors of 'VAR' Series
These are air cooled machines and are being manufactured in three different models. The Compressors are designed for maximum pressure of 5000 MM WG. & the capacity ranges from 200 M3/ hr to 2300M3 / hr.
Twin Lobe Low Pressure Compressors of 'VWR' Series

These are water Cooled Machines and can develop pressure up to 10000 MM WG. The suction capacity of the machines ranges from 125M3 /hr. to 1900 M3/hr. Considering the environment prevailing in india, water cooled designed models are more suitable when the same is to operate at a pressure of 10000 MM WG. Same machine, when run for Exhauster duty, creates vacuum of 4000 MM WG. These blowers have a unique design of single inlet & single outlet for cooling water and no cumbersome water pipe connections externally. Internal circulation of water to various areas is through inbuilt channels. This unique design makes the operations very simple, yet very effective. The cooling water inlet is at the bottom so that the water rises up against gravity, reaching all the corners before it comes out from the outlet. The flow rates of cooling water are low.

  • 100 % Oil free compression
  • Suitable for various gases such as air, town gas, natural gas, nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide, inert gases etc
  • High precision helical timing gears for reliability & long life
  • Adjustable machine feet permit both horizontal & vertical flow of medium
  • Overhung V-belt drive for all operating and pressure ranges. Direct coupling also possible
  • Dynamically balanced rotating components to ensure vibration free operations
  • Machine shaft height matched with standard IEC motor frame size.
  • Solid, noise absorbing construction in grey cast iron
  • Heat resistant
  • Split casing design facilitates easy maintenance and repair.
  • Rugged construction for heavy-duty application.
  • Prompt after sales service all over the country.
Our Compressors / Blower are providing a universal and ideal solution in the following fields.
  • Pneumatic Conveying
  • Water Treatment
  • Breweries & Distilleries
  • Sewage & Effluent
  • Refineries
  • Soap & Detergents
  • Chemical
  • Food Processing
  • Cement
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Sugar
  • Iron & Steel
  • Textile
  • Fertilizer
  • Gas
  • Ice
Some of the typical applications of these Blowers / Compressors are
  • Sulphitation process in Sugar Industries
  • Filter Bed Agitation – Water Treatment Plants
  • Effluent/ Water Treatment Plant
  • Pneumatic Conveying- Cattle feed, Cement, Chemicals, Grain, Flour
  • Slurry Agitation of chemical solution
  • Boosting or Evacuation of gases
  • Humidification – Loom Sheds
  • Centralised vacuum cleaning
  • Fertilizer & Chemical projects
  • Pressurization of high altitude Chambers
  • Cement Blending, Areation, Fluidization.
  • Air Blowing Glass Industry
  • Fisheries/ Hatcheries / Aquaculture
  • Agitation of liquids-Electroplating plants, Ice-plants, Lamps & Luminaries manufacturing plants etc
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