The maximum vacuum which can be created by Watering Vacuum Pump is limited to 93.3% with full closed suction i.e at zero capacity. In process, due to gas generation, the Vacuum Pump will never create 93.3% vacuum.

We manufacture an Air Jet Ejectors which is being used to extend the operating range of Liquid Ring Vacuum Pumps. To achieve more vacuum, and to have suction capacity even at high vacuum, we recommend the installation of Air Ejector. Air Ejector when used in conjunction with Watering Vacuum Pump, creates maximum vacuum in the range of 97-98%.

Installation of the Air Ejector does not call for any additional power connection. These are no parts subject to wear and tear and hence, there is no mechanical maintenance for the Air Ejector

The installation of the Air Ejector is as per the photograph. Initially, medium will be sucked from the system directly and, subsequently, i.e. after achieving 92.5% vacuum, medium will be sucked through the Air Ejector


  • Allows operation at higher vacuum than the liquid Ring Pump can achieve alone
  • No additional energy costs (motive air is free)
  • Custom designed to suit individual pump characteristics
  • No moving parts in Ejector
  • Ejector virtually maintenance free
  • Ejector silent in operation
  • Materials to suit process
  • Robust design
  • Simple operation

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