The Liquid ring vacuum pump is the best solution for vacuum applications where wet, or extremely humid, and slightly contaminated gases are ingested. For several of these applications, water is the best media that can be used for the liquid ring.

Vindi Vak Pumps, India is one of the leading manufacturers of liquid ring vacuum pumps with single stage (RT Series) & two stages (RTS Series) designs. With the experience developed over decades of engineering research, continual in the latest technologically advanced machinery, and sound mechanical know-how, Vindi Pumps’ product is synonymous with high quality, high efficiency, robust construction and maximum reliability


We are manufacturing 6 different Models ranging from RTS- 32 to RTS- 82. The smallest Vacuum Pump is having full open suction capacity of 120 M3/Hr and is being driven with 7.5 HP Electric Motor. While the biggest model of Vacuum pump is having full open suction capacity of 625 m3/hr and is being driven with 30 HP Electric Motor.

Two stage vacuum pumps typically produce vacuum to 720 mm of hg, assuming air is being pumped and the seal-liquid water at 30°C (85F) or less. Dry air and 30°C water temperature is the standard performance basis which most manufacturers use for their performance curves.


  • Application
  • Capacity (M3/Hr or CFM)
  • Vacuum (inch WG or mm WG)
  • Seal Water Temperature (°F or °C)
  • Air Gas Temperature (°F or °C)


A dynamically balanced cylindrical rotor with a hollow hub and a series of curved blades is rotated freely in the eccentric casing. The sufficient sealing water / liquid forms a solid ring on the periphery of the casing, due to the centrifugal force, the rotor is rotated in the eccentric casing, the rotating blade creates working spaces whose volume increases as the rotor rotates from lower to upper vertex and decreases as the rotor rotates from upper vertex to lower vertex. The uniform distribution of working spaces on rotor periphery results in continuous suction and exhaust of gases.


The Pump can be supplied in several materials to suit various applications;

  • Cast Iron
  • Partially or Complete Bronze, SS 304, SS316, Alloy 20, Hastalloy - C,
  • Rubber Lined 
  • Other as per customer requirement


  • Simple & Trouble free operation
  • Suitable for low and high vacuum applications
  • Rugged construction for heavy duty application
  • No metallic contact inside machine hence less wear & tear,
  • Moist air, vapours, aggressive gases & dust laden gases can be handled
  • No contamination of medium passing through
  • Leak proof sealing arrangement can be done
  • Clean & Oil free exhaust / discharge
  • Compression takes place with small temperature rise.
  • Compact unit due to direct drive
  • Low Power and Water consumption.


  • Power Industry: Pneumatic conveying of fly ash, vacuum priming, vacuum deaeration and condenser initial evacuation.
  • Sugar & Distillery Industries: Vacuum filtration.
  • Plastic Industries: Degassing, drying & conveying
  • Environmental Industry: Vacuum priming, digester gas compression, waste water disposal.
  • Petroleum Refining Industry: Crude oil stabilization, crude oil vacuum distillation, filtering / de-waxing.
  • Paper & Pulp Industries: Process vacuum, stock & white water deaeration, head box compressor / vacuum pump.
  • Printing Industry: Powdering on printing presses, screen printers, central system.
  • Chemical Industry: Solvent recovery, vacuum filtration, vents gas compression.
  • Pharmaceutical Industry: Drying, distillation, degassing.
  • Packaging Industry: Vacuum packaging, production PET containers.
  • Ceramic Industry: Air removal from clay, vacuum processing.

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